Saturday, October 3, 2009

In The Hour of Last Things

Poe once wrote "Sleep, those little slices of death. How I loathe them."

I never thought much about the need for sleep. I never needed it. Yet since my incident due to Edmund and his little click..... Now I find I must sleep. And my dreams disturb me to the core.

I see the faces of those I loved now long dead. Those who I failed to keep safe. Those I should have sent away when I had the chance..... But I kept them close. I always thought it was because they were of use to me..... But the truth of it all? Even I need companionship at times.

I see creatures who would delight in my death. Monsters from the dawn of creation. All of which seek vengeance against me... All my sins remembered.......

And a future I can never allow to come to pass..... I stand upon the top of a building.... And like Rome before it.... Portland is burning. Chaos rains destruction on all I have help to create.... And like Rome I see all my work turn to ashes.

Leviathan Dances...... But would it be more apt to say.... Leviathan Rises? And just what will it take from me in the end?

Perhaps I should sleep on it?

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